Spoiler Chat! Quinn wants Puck back?!

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

@memetastic: Insert Boring and Obvious Glee question about Boring and Obvious Glee pairing.
Insert vague and intentionally misleading line about boring and obvious Glee pairing. Add in funny jab about said pairing. Beg you to love us. Get shot down. Cry in corner. Finally throw in some scoop: Quinn (Diana Agron) uses a season one tactic to try and "win back" Puck (Mark Salling). And our work here is done.

@beeeez: Glee scoop? What is Rachel's reaction to getting suspended?
Rachel (Lea Michele) takes the punishment for trying to swing the votes in the election very calmly and maturely. Psych! Of course she'll be upset, but if anyone can help her deal with being taken away from show choir, it's her hunky boyfriend Finn (Cory Monteith). Awww….

@imelmooy: Is #Karofsky coming back soon on #Glee? #begging
As far as we know, Max Adler has not filmed anything beyond his cameo in "The First Time." But don't count him out for the back half of the season just yet. After all, Chris Colfer himself told us he'd love to see Kurt and Karofsky having more interaction.

@WemmaLove: How come we never get Wemma?
That's what I'm sayin'! We keep asking our sources for Wemma scoop (over and over!) and they are completely mum (while answering other Q's), which makes me think there's something big in the works. Fingers crossed, anyway!

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