Spoiler Chat: Sam is After Mercedes and, a lot of Brittana!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

@pinsleric: excited about Sam's return on Glee. Got any info on that?
We are hearing that Sam will still be after Mercedes! Amber Riley, get ready for a Trouty Mouth closing in for a smooch! We don't want to get you overly excited, but let's just say we'll be getting tons of scoop on Chord Overstreet's big return to Glee real soon. And we'll be getting it from someone very, very close to the situation. As in, he is the situation.

dancelikeheya: Anything Brittana related??
Brittany (Heather Morris) is definitely there for her girl Santana (Naya Rivera) during her "coming out tour," as we've started to call it. Yes, Santana will be coming out to more than one person in the next episode: Sue (Jane Lynch), Becky (Lauren Potter), and most importantly her Grandmother. And we anticipate Brittana fans will be smiling so hard at those two during that scene that there faces will be sore the next day. Also, looks like it's time to put all that Finn Vs. Santana nonsense behind us, because the pair (Sinn? Fanta?) reconcile in this weeek's episode.

Casey in Chicago, Ill.: What can you tell us about Glee's big Christmas episode?
Well, Matthew Morrison is directing it, and while he tells us that everyone was definitely in the Christmas spirit, he didn't take his directing gig lightly. "[The first person I directed was] Jane Lynch," he says. "I came over and she says, 'Before you say anything, I would just like to remind you that I have an Emmy and I was just nominated for a People's Choice Awards.'" And what directing note was he going to give her? "Bring it down a bit. No, I'm just kidding!" He better be, because we don't want to live in a world where Sue Sylvester "brings it down."

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