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Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Nancy in Seattle: Is Glee canceled? It isn't on anymore. There was a big, splashy season opener, one follow-up episode, then... nothing. What's the deal?
Yes, Glee has been canceled. Fox wants to turn it into a cartoon series starring Lea Michele as a singing pony. Or we're kidding about all of this, because clearly Glee has just been on hiatus for the past few weeks. It returns tomorrow, and you can sneak a peek at a new musical number right here. P.S.: How do you decorate that rock you live under?

CubraLibra: Please tell me that a Puck-Shelby romance is a trick and not treat on Glee? That would just be too creepy.
Sorry, we hear this is definitely more treat (for Puck) then trick. Remember, Puck (Mark Salling) has a thing for older ladies due to his pool-cleaning duties. Did you forget about that aspect of his personality? Don't worry, an upcoming episode will remind you.

mstaradosh: How racy is episode 5? Which couple is to blame for the TV-14 rating? ;) #glee
We can't tell you much about the raciness factor, but we can confirm the safety factor! Because when you have sex you can pregnant and die. Yes, our first-timers will be using protection. High five for condoms, y'all!

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