What Lies Ahead: Trouty Mouth Returns! Samcedes is not dead! And More Brittana!!

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

3x08 'Hold On To Sixteen' Promo

Groffy Klaus Is Coming to Town: This the season to get excited about the one and only Jonathan Groff returning to our television. A source tells us he won't be reappearing until the back six (wah wahhh), so we can all just assume that New Directions will win all their singing competitions leading up to facing off with Vocal Adrenaline. Plus, our little Broadway birdie assured us that Groff has nothing lined up in New York so he can get back to Los Angeles ASAP. The sooner he's here, the sooner we can all just relax and soak in his Groff-iness. 

Chord Overstreet Makes His Triumphant Return: Glee's next episode, "Hold on to Sixteen," marks Sam's arrival back in Lima, Ohio. Unfortunately, not everyone is excited about Trouty Mouth returning. Oddly enough, Blaine will butt heads with him! Any possibility this could turn into some kind of shirtless scuffle? No? And don't forget what we told you: Samcedes is not dead! The feelings will still be there between Sam and Mercedes, at least on one side.

A Precious Brittana Moment: Although Santana and Mercedes sing the leads during the Troubletones performances at Sectionals, we hear that there is a moment where Brittany and Santana find some time during the number to be adorable. And who doesn't love an adorable Brittana moment? 

Ricky Martin Is Coming! No word yet on the deal being totally dunzo, but after our earlier report today, Ricky just tweeted tonight: "I hear McKinley high has an opening for a Spanish teacher… Maybe I'll apply. ;o)"

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