Will Sam’s Return Mean the Return of Samcedes?

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Last season, Glee shocked and aww’d us with the finale reveal of a budding Chord Overstreet and Mercedes romance. 

Then, heartbreak! Chord was dunzo with the series. And although he made frequent appearances on the red carpet, and in our PG 13-rated fantasies, there was an obvious void at McKinley High. Apparently, we weren’t the only ones who thought so. Though it wasn’t clear who came crawling back to whom, we’re just glad to have our Chord back on Glee.

But will his character feel the same reunion rapture after he discovers his latest lady love has a new footballer boyfriend in town? After all, his summer romance with Mercedes, according to the New Directions-snubbing diva herself in the Season 3 premiere, ended abruptly because Sam’s dad got a job out of state — not because the fire went out on their short-lived liaison.

So you know you’re thinking it, too: Could Samcedes be in Season 3? Despite our love for new boyfriend Shane’s super supportive ways, we can’t help but relish the thought of another, non-Finchelbray love triangle.

Though Sam’s return to Lima, Ohio in Episode 8, "Hold on to 16," is sure to bring a lot of fanfare from the glee club, wedefinitely expected a bit of drama, too — especially on the relationship front. His sudden transfer out of McKinley didn’t give much closure to the Sam-Mercedes summer love, so it’s only natural she'd consider getting back with him, right?

Wrong. Well, kinda. While Sam is totally hoping to rekindle his romance with the now taken leader of The Troubletones, it’s his ex Quinn who is reportedly desperate for a second chance. Unfortunately for her, he’s not having any of her advances — which, we assume, will probably become more loony tunes than she already is this season.

So the questions still remains: Are you rooting for a Sam and Mercedes ‘ship in Season 3?
Do you want Sam and Mercedes to get back together in Season 3?
 Yes -- Samcedes deserves a shot!
 No -- she has a man!
 Not Really -- Sam should be with Santana or Quinn
 I don't know yet.


I like Quinn with Sam, but this is my real ship:

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