3x09 Spoilers: Cute Finchel/Klaine/Brittana Moments!

Monday, December 12, 2011

Do we know what songs are going to be in the Christmas episode?
All I want for Christmas is you
Blue Christmas
Extraordinary Merry Christmas
Let it Snow
My Favorite Things
Santa Claus Is Coming To Town
Christmas Wrapping
Do They Know It’s Christmas

Is Finchel really cute in the episode ? :)
Yes, they’re really cute. :)

any cute Brittana moments other than what is in 'all I want for Christmas is you'?
They also dance during Extraordinary Merry Christmas.

Please tell me Klaine is adorable too?

Does Finn give Rachel another present apart from the jewelry?

Where is Christmas Wrapping set? In the choir room?
It’s black and white. Same place you see Kurt/Rachel/Darren/Mercedes in the promo. 3 other songs are like that too.

Does Rory have a plot in this episode?
Yes, with Sam.

As for finchel, are there any i love you's? is Finn's gift to Rachel really great?! Does Rachel get him anything? I can't flipping wait!! I needed them to be happy this year!! YAY! thanks :)
Yes, Rachel says “I love you”. Finn’s gifts besides the earrings aren’t great IMO and Rachel gets him an ipod. But in the end the gifts aren’t really important to them. Yes, happy Finchel this year, unlike last year. :)

Do we get more little Samcedes moments?
Just in the beginning.

Klaine in this episode?
They're really cute in Let it Snow. It's just the two of them.

Oh. Is Favorite Things part of their "Christmas Special"?

What couples interact with each other besides Finchel?
Official couples? I guess Klaine, Brittana, Wemma and Tike.

Are there any good Pezberry moments?
Really tiny moment I guess.

Is Sugar in this episode?

are there any Brittana moments at all?

Is there any Quinn outside of the group musical numbers?

how many numbers are in black and white?

Any Fabrevans interaction in this episode?

Happy Brittana? do they acknowledge each other in this episode?

Is Finn's other gift to Rachel some type of college application to a school in New York?

Is "Let It Snow" in black and white?

Is the fact that Rachel and Puck are Jewish referenced at all?
In the last scene of the episode Rachel says “Happy Hanukkah”

Is there any Sebastian in the episode?

In what context does Rachel sing River?
On the stage. Glee club is there watching. It’s for the “Christmas Special” thing but Artie doesn’t like it.

How's the last scene?
It’s cute. It’s Rory/Sam/Rachel/Finn.


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