Chord Overstreet Bashes Windshield With Baseball Bat

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Glee fans love that Chord Overstreet returned to the hit show — almost as much as they love seeing him shirtless. Now RumorFix has exclusive details on how that shirtless photo of Chord that you’re staring at came about.

Celebrity photographer Tyler Shields tells RumorFix that he and Trouty Mouth were going to see a movie together and they had an hour and a half to kill. “He got here and was like ‘What are we going to do?’ And I was like ‘Let’s shoot.”

Cut to ten minutes later, “I’m hosing him down on the front of one of my old Cadillacs and then bam that picture is born!

Tyler also shot a picture of Chord bashing the windshield of the car with a baseball bat — but he won’t release that picture just yet. He’s saving it for his book The Dirty Side of Glamor.

The blond hunk then toweled off and they made it on time to see Captain America.

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