Cory Monteith on Nova969 FM Radio in Australia

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Excerpts from the interviews:

DJ: What’s your go to date movie?
Cory: Top Gun. Something about vintage Tom Cruise… and I know every word to the movie.

DJ: Would you rather have an elephant sized dog or a dog sized elephant?
Cory: A dog-sized elephant, obviously. I'd be like, "Look at my miniature elephant!" That'll be rad.

DJ: I've always wondered what it's like up there on stage, signing autographs, and you have to be nice to everyone. And sometimes there are hundreds and hudreds of fans. By the end of it, personally, I'd be wanting to grab someone and punching them.
Cory: You know what it's like? It's like...When someone is super excited to meet you, you can't help but be affected by that positive energy. So you smile, and that happens over many hundreds of times over an hour. And at the end of the hour, your face hurts from smiling for so long.

DJ: How the hell do you still look 16 on Glee? You’re looking pretty fresh here, even in person.
Cory: Thanks...uhmm, Genes! Genetics, I suppose. And a really good costume and make-up department.

DJ: Fave ep of Glee? I especially like the slushies.
Cory: My first day of Season 3, at 6am I was hit right in the teeth with one of those. I got hit with 8-10 of those in one day once.

DJ: If not for Glee, where would you be now?
Cory: I’d probably be doing a Canadian television show. Or a couple of TV movies, I don’t really know.
"It’s the idea of something better in the future, despite of what it is. It’s holding dear the idea of something greater in the future." - on the meaning of the band’s name Bonnie Dune (a fictitious place in the Aussie movie Castle)
"My manager came up with this idea to let’s go into the kitchen and get whatever we can just to show that your skilled as a musician outside of your lacklustre singing… so, he’s like, not a terrific singer, and he’s clearly - he’s a crap dancer, let’s not even show that! - but he’s got rhythm, you know, and maybe you can write to that, guys! And so it was goofy as hell.”
- on how the pencil-on-tupperware-drumming audition tape came to be.
"Oooh, that’s like deciding between Vancouver and New York, or Vancouver and Toronto, or New York and LA..."
Cory on being asked to chose between Sydney and Melbourne
DJ: Do you go BIG for New Years eve? I know some people are complete anti New Years Eve. Like "everybody’s partying and I’m not in the mood for partying."
Cory: (laughs) That’s so ironic and hipster. I think it’s a good idea to have a low key New Years Eve and blow it out on New Years day.

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