Dianna Agron Launches New Website "You, Me and Charlie"

Monday, December 12, 2011

You might wonder, what is www.YOUME&CHARLIE.com?Well. There is that little blog of mine, which started out as an artistic retreat while traveling in Australia to promote the show. Anyof you that followed [felldowntherabbithole] were privy to pictures I was taking, music I was listening to, books I was reading. Due to your enjoyment, and your want to be involved, over the past couple of years I have received the most amazing mixtapes, books, photos…all from you! You were sharing the things that drove you artistically, because I was doing the same. It touched me and still does to this day, every time.

Because of this, I wanted to turn the little blog into something slightly larger. This is a space for YOU and ME. Our space is….CHARLIE. Again, if you followed the blog, you know that the header reads, [Dianna Agron, but you can call me Charlie.] I guess I have never really felt like a Dianna. I suppose that is because my friends and family all call me Di, babe, kitty, lamb, all those special nicknames that only your loved ones could possibly coin. I didn’t realize it at first, but it seems as if I had taken a liking to the name Charlie for longer than I can remember!
Upon looking back at old school papers, stories I wrote, screenplays, you name it, I have always used the name Charlie as one of the main or ancillary characters. About five years ago, a psychic came up to me as I was walking down the street and said a few things to me, one of them being, “You have someone named Charlie that looks out for you.” I didn’t know what she was talking about, I don’t know anyone by the name of Charlie. Much later, I starting looking at old papers, found the name here and there, and thought of that psychic. I joked to myself that perhaps, I was a man named Charlie in a past life?? Then, in Scotland last year for the holidays, another psychic told me that, “Someone by the name of Charlie holds a very special place in my life.” How could I ignore all of this? 
All of you lovely, magick, wonders of this world, the ones that correspond with me in such unbelievable ways…this is for you. Without the arts I would not wake up each morning with the joie de vivre that encompasses my entire being. I would feel flat as a pancake. Because of the work I do, I get to hear some of the most moving stories, moments of your life…things I am grateful to hear from you, share with you. It blows my mind, each and every time. To know that the show I’m on helps so many people get through hard moments in their life? To hear that people like seeing what I’m going to post and often discover new artists? I never could have dreamed how lucky I would be, as I am, today. I want you to join me now. Let’s share this space as an art collective. There’s enough negativity in this world to smother all of us into a state of infinite sadness. Why not counter that? That’s what this site is for. I hope it just does that. 
Thank you all for your constant love and support. Thank you for embracing the moments where you can simply LET LOVE IN and BE LOVE. 
xx Dianna, although sometimes I’d like to say, Charlie.

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