Glee Cast Reveals Details of ‘Weird’ Backstage Antics

Saturday, December 03, 2011

When you’re part of a big ensemble TV cast, there’s a lot of downtime on set. While some stars retreat to their trailers in solitude, the cast of ‘Glee‘ has found a different way to pass time between takes.

‘Glee’ heartthrobs Chord Overstreet and Harry Shum Jr. recently told AOL TV about their favorite game– “psychiatrist.”
“We sit in the room and one person leaves the room and has no idea what’s going on and everyone in the room has to come up with a problem that they all have,” Shum told us during a recent phone interview. “Then, the ‘psychiatrist’ has to come in and guess what problem everyone has.”
Despite the faux title, the actor says being a “psychiatrist” on the ‘Glee’ set is not an easy job.

You’re like a therapist trying to figure out what their problem is and it can be anything. It can be literally anything,” Shum said. “Not just a medical problem, but something wacky like every time they talk, they scratch their butt and you have to try and figure that out.

If it sounds like an easy game, think again. According to Overstreet, “psychiatrist” can be pretty time consuming.

“We actually played the game yesterday while we were all waiting to go shoot,” Overstreet told us. “I forgot who we tricked. I think it was either Vanessa [Lengies] or Amber [Riley]. One of them played the ‘psychiatrist,’ and we were all pretending to be Santa’s elves. And it took about 45 minutes for her to guess who we all were.

The soon-to-be returning star added that his favorite round of the game included the show’s co-creator Ryan Murphy, who asked his young cast to do something totally out there.

“We did one really fun one with Ryan [Murphy] when he came by set, and we were all playing it. He told us that we were all going to play aliens who were trying to take over the world. That was a really hard one to get. I think Dianna [Agron] had to guess, and the answers and the questions were so ridiculous. That was a hard one. It just gets outrageously funny.”

So who’s the best “psychiatrist” on set? “I have to say that I’m pretty good at the game,” Shum said with a laugh. “Also, Chris Colfer is pretty awesome at it. He gets it pretty quick. Other people, they’re on and off. They get really frustrated — it gets frustrating!”

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