Glee Cast Version Of 'Do They Know It's Christmas?' To Benefit Band Aid Trust

Saturday, December 10, 2011

100% of the net proceeds from the GLEE cast's version of the BAND AID charity hit "Do They Know It's CHRISTMAS?" will be donated to the BAND AID TRUST, the charity established to support projects in ETHIOPIA, SOMALIA, and surrounding East African countries. The new version appears on "GLEE: The Music, The Christmas Album Volume 2" and will be heard on the FOX series' CHRISTMAS episode on TUESDAY (12/13).

BAND AID and LIVE AID founder and song co-writer BOB GELDOF said, "The reverberations of this little song continue down the long 26 years since MIDGE URE and I wrote it. It could not be more timely now that GLEE with its vast global audience of young people re-introduce it to a whole new constituency who are probably unaware of the great tragedy unfolding amongst the hungry, poor and dying of SOMALIA as a result of drought and a bitter and pointless civil war. This song was made specifically with that intent. BAND AID would like to thank from the bottom of its heart all the producers and actors of GLEE who have gone beyond their normal brief of entertainment and entered into the spirit and understanding of that recording and its artists 26 years ago and its many subsequent iterations, by opening their web-site to the topic of poverty and the poor and linking it through to the BAND AID and the ONE campaign sites. This is entertainment with purpose. This is putting what you do and who you are to a focused concern and in so doing alter the lives of many thousands of otherwise voiceless people. This is beyond acting or singing or producing, lighting or directing. This is engaging. Out of the blue, what an unlooked for and exhilirating Christmas present not just for the hungry, hurt and poor but for all of us at BAND AID, ONE and the many many artists of LIVE AID and LIVE 8. GLEE...thanks."

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