Glee’s “Asian F” Makes TV Guide’s List of 2011′s Best TV Episodes

Thursday, December 29, 2011

14. "Asian F," Glee
Say what you will about the current season of Glee — Why did Quinn go psycho? Where did Mr. Schue disappear to? Can Sue be saved? — there's no denying that "Asian F" deserves a standing O for being a brilliant showcase for the lesser-seen characters, all of whom were trying to overcome longstanding struggles. Mercedes channeled her inner J. Hud as she decided to step into her own spotlight, Mike unleashed his pent-up angst for his parents to West Side Story's perfect pressure-cooker number "Cool," and Emma suffered an OCD relapse when forced to deal with her own destructive, "ginger-supremacist" parents. If nothing else, the hour was a potent reminder that Glee is capable of delivering the heartbreaking goods.

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