Naya Rivera: New face of Proactiv

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Proactiv’s latest spokesperson tells why she’d love a night out with the Biebs.

imagebam.comNaya Rivera‘s character on Glee may have trouble picking sides — in more ways than one — but in real life, there’s one choice she doesn’t have to think twice about. She tells she’d pass on a date with Robert Pattinson for a night with Justin Bieber, because “he could teach me how to dance!”

“I have never met Justin,” Naya admits. “But I would like to!”

One celeb she has met, however, is Gloria Estefan, who will be playing her mom on an upcoming episode of Glee. Naya says she met Gloria Estefan on the Glee set before she was cast to play her mother.
“When I found out Gloria Estefan was going to play the part of my mom, I was so excited,” she says. “I couldn’t believe it. It was like a dream come true! My mom loves her. I love her. She is a really incredible person and singer.”
She also reveals that she relates to her character, Santana, more than people might think. While she isn’t gay in real life, Naya says she faced her share of problems in high school.
My high school years were really, really difficult,” she says. “I felt really alone. I had no confidence and didn’t feel like I could fit in. I had my family and they were my support system. It’s really important to reach out if you are being bullied in school or feel alone. There are so many places you can go to for support. You never have to be alone.”
So where does she get her confidence now? It could be from the Bible or The Secret, two books Naya says she goes to for inspiration.

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