Puppy Glee! Jane Lynch gives a Dog a Home as She adopts Rescue Pooch

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Despite her scary demeanour as Sue Sylvester on Fox's hit show, Glee, Jane Lynch is actually quite a softie.

The 51-year-old, who has recently released the funny and self-deprecating autobiography, Happy Accidents, is a huge animal lover.

She already shares a dog with her wife and step-daughter, and has a cat named Greta after screen siren Greta Garbo, her biggest crush.

And on Saturday she added a new member to her happy clan after deciding to take a rescue puppy home from a fair in Sherman Oaks.

Lynch, accompanied by her nine-year-old step-daughter, Haden, spent some time selecting an animal from the cats and dogs present.

Eventually they agreed upon on this adorable boy, who appears to be a Dalmatian mix, and decided to name him Francis. Jane's wife, Dr Lara Embry, was also present on the jaunt but took a backseat when it came to the selection process.

Jane met the psychologist at a fundraising event in San Francisco.

After coming out to her parents in her thirties (‘I think they knew anyway’ she writes in her book), it had been a long road to finding her perfect partner. 

They wed last year in Massachusetts, where gay marriage is legal.

In her book, Jane recalls how she initially ‘freaked out’ at the idea of marriage, not least because Lara had Haden, from a previous relationship (and another daughter from the same relationship who lives with Lara’s ex-partner).

‘When it came to Haden, I was torn between: “I want to show you how great I am” and “Do I want kids?”. But I fell in love with Haden as fast as I did with Lara,’ says Jane.

Does she want more children? ‘No, we’re good,’ she laughs.

Though a brilliant character actress — with films such as The 40 Year Old Virgin and TV comedies including Two And A Half Men under her belt — real fame didnt come along until Glee at age 49.

The show, about a singing club peopled by the misfits of the fictional McKinley High School, was an instant hit with critics and audiences with its pulsating musical numbers, oddball characters and a fanbase that includes former Prime Minister Gordon Brown and President Obama. But it is Jane Lynch as the tracksuit-wearing PE teacher Sue Sylvester who steals the show.

Sue thinks nothing of crushing the spirit of her charges (‘So you like show tunes,’ she tells Kurt, the Glee Club’s flamboyant singer. ‘It doesn’t mean you’re gay. It just means you’re awful’) and makes Lady Macbeth seem nurturing by comparison.

It’s a performance that has garnered Jane an almost rabid following (as well as Emmy and Golden Globe awards) and is a peach of a role, even if it means her wardrobe is comprised solely of tracksuits.

This year, she even hosted the Emmy Awards in LA - and is only the third woman to do so..

Having grown up in Dolton, Illinois, a small suburb of Chicago, she says: ‘I wanted to be an actress from the day I was born. But that incredible drive coupled with incredible insecurity was a bad mix.’

She adds that being 6ft tall by the time she was 16, low on self-esteem and realising she was gay in her early teens all made growing up difficult.

It’s a sad irony that Glee appeals to outsiders, because, as Jane admits: ‘I could have done with a show like Glee when I was a teenager.’

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