Set Pictures + Song Spoiler + Is Glee Doing a Grease Episode?

Thursday, December 08, 2011


Set Videos



Song Spoiler:
They are doing 'Summer Nights', from the movie Grease!
It's a Samcedes Duet! 
From my source:
  • They were on bleachers
  • Sam is the one singing.
  • They filmed the end of Summer Nights
  • Cory is in the song, because after a take he yelled “Sorry sorry that was bad let’s do it again,” and it was really loud, and sounded just like Cory.
  • Mark’s hair looked great. I could literally see it from my car.
More Candids and Reports
Went to the glee filming in Venice today and have many, many stories to share but the one that seems most important and the one I get out before my phone dies is about Chris Colfer.

After school let out, the set got mobbed with people and we were looking around at the crowd and noticed a “Interview for the School Paper?” sign that the editor of the paper made. Apparently Chris saw the sign too and asked the AD to go out and tell the kid, if they have any time, he’ll give an interview.

They just had a small break, for touch ups and to let the extras go and Chris took the student aside and answered some questions and took a picture for their school paper.

Out of all the girls and other cast members in the scene, he is the only one that did so. Just when I thought my love for him couldn’t grow any larger…

(hopefully Venice High’s paper is online!)

Watch the Scene From the Movie 


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