Spoiler Chat: Sue wants a family? And prepare for a pretty intense Samcedes scene!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Jess in Burbank, Calif.: I need some Glee scoop to get me through the hiatus.
Our rock-solid Glee source tells us that someone on the show will be catching baby fever! No, it's not some weird disease where you regress to infantile tendencies. The PTB at Glee are tinkering with a storyline involving Sue Sylvester's desire to start a family. It's not a sure thing yet, but wow…we sure hope it happens. We already love the idea of Sue (Jane Lynch) hankering for a kid. Maybe this storyline will involve football recruiter, Johnny (Eric Bruskotter)?

Ellie: Any Glee info you got pleeease!
Here are two things we're excited about. Well, actually, four things. One of them is a solo, but it's a mash-up, and one of them is a duet. So that's…three and a half things? Anyway, check out "Moves Like Jagger/Jumpin'Jack Flash" sung by Artie and "We Found Love" sung by Rachel and Santana. It's from the proposal episode, and we hear rumblings that they might be singing about their significant others. Or they could be singing while Will proposes to Emma. If that techno beat hits right when Will gets on his knee…it'd be epic.

Karen in Seattle, Wash.: I'm not sure I like this Samcedes business. Isn't she happy with her current boyfriend?
Sort of. Sam coming back is definitely going to make her think about her current situation. Prepare for a pretty intense scene with Sam (Chord Overstreet) and Mercedes (Amber Riley) that leads to Marcus losing his cool. Turns out that man's got a temper on him.

Leonard in Arlington, Va.: I heard Pitbull has already filmed his role on Glee and they've been keeping his storyline super secret. True?
Not according to the man himself, who promises that he hasn't filmed "anything yet." In fact, Pitbull told our E! News pal Ryan Seacrest that he's still just talking with Glee and that nothing has been locked down yet. But if you're right, Glee is certainly going to great lengths to keep his role a secret.

Gracie: I was wondering if anyone from Glee saw the Community episode where they basically made fun of the show. Did any of them get upset?
We asked Matthew Morrison that same question, and though he hadn't seen the episode in question, he loved the idea that Community spent the whole episode wondering what Regionals were. "That sounds funny," he tells us. "Hey, if they find the answer, let me know!"

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