SPOILER: Who is Mercedes going to choose, Sam or Shane?

Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Who is Mercedes going to choose on Glee: Sam or Shane? — Geoff
Despite Sam's abs (which will be on full display when he joins McKinley's synchronized swimming team in an attempt to win Mercedes back), Shane's got the edge. Chord Overstreet tells us that in Episode 10, the two boys will finally come face to face, but the showdown won't last long. "We just shot a scene where I'm talking to Mercedes, and Shane just grabs her mid-conversation and they walk away together," Overstreet reveals. So, without a word, Shane shows Sam who's boss? "Basically," he says.

Gross. I'm all for Shane giving Sam the side eye and talking to him in private, but way to treat Mercedes like she's property. I guess they'll have to meet in secret... Hmmm haha #samcedesftw

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