What Lies Ahead: Santana's Storyline Amps Up and it's Synchronized Swim Team time!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011


Matt Morrison Behind the Camera Again: If you enjoyed the look and flow of tonight's episode, then you partially have M.M. to thank. And he'll probably be directing again, but only if he doesn't have to be Will Schuester at the same time. "I would like to [direct again] in a way that I didn't have to act in it. There's just so much to learn in that realm, and I feel like having to act in it at this stage kind of takes away [from directing]. I get super stressed. But it's something I would definitely love again."

Santana's Storyline Amps Up: Gloria Estefan coming on as Santana's mom is not just for musical reasons, obviously. Our source tells us that Mrs. Lopez and her daughter's interactions regarding Santana's sexuality have the big emotional punch that the fans of her coming out storyline have been waiting for. From what we hear, tears will be shed. And not just by us viewers.

No More Mashups? Blasphemy: Some of the best numbers in Glee history have been mashups, but Adam Anders, Glee's musical executive producer would do away with them forever if it was up to him. " No, please God. No more mashups," he tells us semi-jokingly. "They're so difficult and we have so little time and I want everything to be so good that I'll kill myself trying to make those." But never fear, Anders will always be around to work his Glee music magic. "Gloria Estefan is going to be a lot of fun," he says. "And we've got some other themed shows coming up that are just amazing."

Synchronized Swim Team Time: If you haven't prepared for the epic-ness that will be the McKinley High Synchronized Swim team, you still have plenty of time over the hiatus to do so. In the meantime, check out this absolutely adorable photo that Dianna Agron tweeted. It involves Darren Criss and his biceps. You are welcome.

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