The Worst of 2011: The Warbler's "Uptown Girl" Cover

Saturday, December 17, 2011

The Warbler's "Uptown Girl" Cover on Glee
Still puzzled? So are we. Nothing against "Uptown Girl," but what purpose did it serve? If it was to introduce Blaine's admirer, Sebastian, why not let him take the lead instead of some random Warbler whose overly animated face made us wonder how he was cast in the first place? Why film it in such a goofy way, with the boys serenading some random lady? Just… why? Maybe it was all to show Blaine he made the right decision in leaving.

Curt Mega addresses words and when they hurt on Tumblr.
When words hurt…
People will always have their opinions. Sometimes they can cut deep…but we need to respect them and never thrash out in anger. The joy is in the work itself and sharing it with others. You cannot please everyone. You can only strive to always be learning & growing in excellence and take everything in stride as a learning opportunity. Love what what you do, do what you love, always seeking to be the best you can be with what opportunities you’ve been given. This is a challenge I give to myself and share with you from my heart.

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