3x11 'Michael' Spoilers! Is Human Nature a fantasy sequence? Who gets into NYADA? And more!

Monday, January 30, 2012

Any Kurt and Blaine moments?

Does Rachel say yes or does she just sing?

Is there any interaction between Kurt and Blaine during Ben outside of Kurt just singing to him? We're curious because if Finn and Rachel are there too then any private, couple moments are kind of limited.
Kurt goes tell him about NYADA. 

Does Rachel talk with Quinn about the proposal? or any Rachel/Quinn scenes?
Yes. They have a scene.

song order?
wanna be startin
Never can say goodbye
human nature
smooth criminal
I can’t stop loving you
black or white

any quinn/puck moments?
Just during her solo. it’s quick and fuinn. 

is it revealed if Kurt and Rachel get into NYADA tomorrow?
if they’re finalist. 

Do They sing "Ben" because of what happens to him (the slushie) or because of NYADA news?
The slushie.

Any hints about who gets into NYADA? Kurt, Rachel or both? We're dying here. :P
We find out who’s the finalist.

Is a good explanation given for why Finn and Rachel are there for "Ben?"
They’re visiting Blaine.

is there any kiss?

You said that there is a kiss but is there more than one?

is the episode one hour (40minutes) long?

Do you enjoy torturing us?
Yes. best question so far.

Is it a shock who the finalist is?
I don’t think any of them being picked would be a shock. 

Do Sam and Mercedes have any scenes together besides Human Nature?
They talk before they start singing.

Is Human Nature a fantasy sequence? If yes, is it Sam's or Mercedes'?
It’s real.

If you could share one tidbit about the episode, what would it be?
The last scene of the episode is between Kurt and Rachel. oh

How many Finchel scenes are there exactly?
Hallway from the promo and IJCSLY.

Does Rachel cry at any time in the episode?
Yes, not happy tears.

who is in the scene with Rachel when she's crying?

there's any interaction between kurt and sebastian after the slushie?

Anything about a character you haven't been asked about?
Kurt also has a scene with Burt.

Are all of the kisses shared between Finn and Rachel?

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