Ask Ausiello: "The show is casting a bunch of..."

Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Question: Any idea how Glee is going to explain Blaine’s absence while Darren Criss is away on Broadway? Is he going to miss any episodes or are they trying to shoot around his schedule? —Sam
Ausiello: Believe it or not he’ll only be sitting out one episode, so it’s unlikely any explanation will be needed. Speaking of which, look what I snapped on my way to work this morning!

Question: Anything on the second half of Glee‘s season? — Jodi
Ausiello: Based on the fact that the show is casting a bunch of middle-aged night school students, something tells me one of the kids is about to start matriculating after hours.

Brittany is afraid to not graduate with Santana this year so, she will start attending after-school classes and one of her teachers will be Ricky Martin’s character.

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