Brian Stokes Mitchell Talks about his Glee experience

Friday, January 27, 2012

Stokes on Glee! Stokes plays one of Rachel Berry’s (Lea Michele) two dads on the Valentine’s day episode of Fox’s hit musical comedy Glee. Episode airs Feburary 14, check your local listings for times.

Stokes on his Glee experience:
“So I’m walking down Broadway last Monday and I pass a “Glee” poster. Two things crossed my mind when I looked at it: 1. what a phenomenon the show has become and 2. It seems that hardly a day goes by without someone asking me or emailing me: “When are you going to be on “Glee”? I got home and it wasn’t more than a couple hours later that my agent at Paradigm, Sarah Fargo, calls me to say I have been offered the part of one of Rachel’s 2 dads on the show.
I asked if she had any info on the role, but she didn’t as they were still writing it and because they are super secretive about the show so they won’t release any info until absolutely necessary. The “Dads” have been referred to constantly throughout the show’s run and lots of fans have been wondering when they would be revealed. 

Blindly but trusting, I said “Yes!” and the next day was on a plane headed for LA. I got my script when I got to the hotel in the evening, sat down and read it over dinner and cracked up

I couldn’t say much about the show because it is good form to let the company make the announcements, but the next morning when I got up it was already all over the internet. 

I went to the studio for my costume fitting and to go over some music with the other dad, Jeff Goldblum who I had worked with before. Back that evening to study lines for the next days scenes and up for an early call. 

It was especially terrific seeing Lea Michele, who is my “daughter” on the show. We gave each other big hugs in the makeup trailer as we were getting ready for the day. Lea and I go way back to when when was about 8 years old starting in the Toronto production of “Ragtime” - I was “Coalhouse Walker” and she was Tateh’s “Little Girl”.

I’ve gotten to watch her grow in maturity and roles on Broadway in “Spring Awakening” and also the revival of “Fiddler on The Roof” In 2008, we were reunited once again at the Hollywood Bowl in the Summer production of “Les Miserables” (She was Eponine and I, Javert). I know Lea probably had more than a little to do with my being on the show and I am grateful to her and everyone else that have invited me to be a part of such a fun-fest. 

After a pretty long day of shooting, I headed home to the hotel to prep for a very early pickup to get back to NYC!

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