Chris Colfer will return for Glee Season 4!

Monday, January 09, 2012

Chris Colfer’s future on Glee was called into question this morning when Fox’s President of Entertainment Kevin Reilly announced at TCA that while the much rumored spinoff was dead in the water, Lea Michele would be back for season four as creator Ryan Murphy had come up with a “cool” way to keep the graduating seniors around.

When asked later whether Chris was also part of that plan, Reilly reportedly “hedged” before saying that hadn’t been decided yet.

But after chatting with Murphy after the panel, Chris Colfer revealed to that he would 100 percent be back in the fall! In addition to getting his take on this inventive way to keep the graduates around, Chris teased some very intriguing 2012 events when I caught up with him at Fox’s All Star TCA party tonight. It’s been revealed that Lea Michele will be back next year — will you?
Chris Colfer: Yes. I’m coming back. I’m very excited. A lot of people are sad there won’t be a spinoff but I think they’re going to be very very excited to find out what’s in store – I’m very excited by it. Ryan’s idea is kind of revolutionary. It’s the best of both worlds. Everyone is going to like it.

Insider: Presumably whether or not Kurt and Rachel get into NYADA will factor in, right?
Chris: I think so. I’m not positive. I’m looking forward to seeing if he gets in – knock on wood. It’ll be an interesting episode to watch him and Rachel perform with the other finalists.

Insider: But before we get to either of those things, we have this week’s episode — called Yes/No — which features New Directions recreating Summer Nights from Grease. Which side does Kurt sing on?
Chris: [laughs] He was with the girls — by my request. Originally he was with the boys but I called Ryan and said, “What do the boys have that Kurt wants?!?” There’s no way he’d be hanging with them. He’d be gabbing with the girls over sandwiches and mac & cheese. He completely agreed and I was put with the girls, which is great because I get to be Rizzo!

Insider: Kurt may be with the girls, but Blaine is with the boys. What do you make of the fact the writers have made him “one of the boys?”
Chris: I think they both just gravitate towards people they identify with. Blaine is gay but he’s more of a guy than Kurt, who is a little more grand than that. I say Kurt is more grandeur than guy [laughs]. But I’m glad our show really shows that it takes all kind of gays to make the world go ‘round: good gays, bad gays, manly gays, less than manly gays. There are all kinds of gays.

Insider: The gang is headed for Regionals, and then presumably, Nationals. Do you want Kurt to finally get that win in his senior year?
Chris: Yes. Selfishly, for the character, I do. As an actor, I hope they win Nationals so they can go to London or something for Globals, or whatever comes next. That would be awesome – singing and dancing in the streets of Rome! Who wouldn’t want that?

Insider: Looking ahead to the other 2012 episodes, what are you excited for fans to see?
Chris: I’m really excited for them to see the Michael Jackson episode – I wear a shocking onesie leather jumpsuit. I’m interested to see what the reaction is to that.

Insider: Compare the onesie to the Gaga lobster heels — which were easier to wear?
Chris: Oh god, the heels were so much more comfortable! I never thought I would say this, but the 10 inch heels I wore in that episode were much more comfortable than the leather jumpsuit.

Insider: Not to get too personal, but how tight are we talking? Did you need to douse yourself in baby powder to get into it?
Chris: There was no room for personal, if you catch my drift [laughs]. But there was baby powder. And I have to say, when you’re singing and dancing all day in a leather onesie, it starts to smell. I don’t have B.O. typically but I actually put a car air freshener inside the jumpsuit and it stained my skin. I had a little yellow Christmas tree on my stomach for a good week! Just in time for the holidays [laughs].

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