E! Spoiler Chat: Are we gonna meet Rachel's dads?!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Lauren: I love to hate Sebastian so I’m glad he’s sticking around on Glee! Will he be transferring to McKinley High?
We caught up with Grant Gustin who tells us he’s “totally open to the idea” of Sebastian transferring schools, but admits he really loves being a Warbler. “They’re so badass!” As for what year Sebastian is in school? “You find out in this Michael Jackson tribute episode,” he teases.

Love4LeaM: I’d love a spoiler just about Rachel’s storyline.
Then a spoiler just about Rachel’s storyline on Glee is what you shall get! While we were starting to believe Rachel just made her dads up, it turns out we might finally meet them. “I would always say before, ‘I don’t know, I don’t think so,’ but now I think it’s a definite possibility,” Lea Michele tells us. “Ryan [Murphy] and I were brainstorming names the other day.” Michele’s favorite? “I did suggest Kanye West could maybe be one of my dads. I think he said he’s unavailable.” Make sure to post your picks to play Rachel’s dads in the comments!

uselesssuperhero: Any Wemma scoop? 
Other than the fact that their proposal will be wet and wild? Matthew Morrison tells us that Emma (Jayma Mays) cries after Will pops the big question, but he doesn’t shed any man tears. “I’m wet, but I don’t cry,” he teases. “I walk on water.”

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