E! Spoiler Chat: Sebastian and more about 'Valentine's Day Finchel'!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

maesie_mae: Would love to hear that Sebastian on Glee does something more interesting than just trying to steal Blaine and be an ass to Kurt?
Trust us, you'll be so blinded by Sebastian's smooth moves in "Michael" that you'll barely notice how awful he is to Kurt and Blaine. Especially since it's more of an "essence" of Michael Jackson through the episode and not just a straight-up remake of his music videos. "It's not like the Britney episode where it was like, 'Oh my god! These are the music videos!'" Grant Gustin tell us. "It's more of an essence; it kind of creates the vibe. It's not even really Michael Jackson choreography." Intriguing or blasphemous? Never fear, MJ fans. We hear someone (*cough* Blaine and Artie *cough*) will be pulling some of MJ's iconic moves.

marilou09_glee: Are you tired of me asking about Finchel though? 'Cause I would really like to know something about Valentine's Day Finchel! :)
It would be an odd, odd day if nobody asked us about Finchel. But since their big proposal moment in the last episode, of course we're all talking about them! We still don't know her answer, but have you seen this photo of Lea Michele on set during the Valentine's Day episode? That looks like an engagement ring on her finger, doesn't it? And it's the same scene with her dads (Jeff Goldblum and Brian Stokes) and Finn (Cory Monteith). Maybe a post-engagement lunch celebration? Or are her 'rents going to intervene and stop the wedding bells from ringing? Then again, the powers-that-be over at Glee could be tricking all of us. Or that could be an unrelated ring. So many possibilities and still another week until we get answers!

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