The Glee Cast Tells Us How They Really Feel About Sleazy Sebastian

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

How evil, or stupid, is Sebastian anyway? So far, we know that that the self-assured Dalton Academy Warbler — aka Glee’s christened Season 3 villain — has sex and Blaine on the brain and little else. And based on his appearances thus far, his personals ad probably reads something like this: “Likes — one-night stands, Blaine ‘sex on a stick’ Anderson, Lima, Ohio’s finest gay dive bar, Scandals, and coffee with a shot of Courvoisier.”

Oh, and he used to live in Paris, plays Lacrosse and has waged war on Kurt.

Anyone else ready to barf? “I don’t like it at all,” Chris Colfer tells He doesn’t understand why Blaine’s OK with Sebastian’s not-so-subtle advances — or why Kurt’s letting him make a play for Blaine in the first place. “Why hasn’t Kurt stepped up? You would think he would. He’s borderline accepting of it,” he said.

Things are only going to get worse in Tuesday’s King of Pop event, “Michael” (9/8c, Fox). “It’s the peak of the Sebastian arc, and I can say Sebastian takes things to a very harmful extreme,” Colfer says. “It’s when you see the difference between myself and Kurt. Like, if someone had done what Sebastian is gonna do in my world? They’d come up missing.”

But tell us how you really feel, Chris! “I wouldn’t be diplomatic like Kurt is. Kurt is way too diplomatic. I’d go get my shovel out of the backseat of my car and I’d take care of business, Clovis-style. No messing around.

It’s safe to say that the slushee Sebastian throws at Blaine (pictured above) ain’t the half of it. Fortunately, Kurt isn’t the only glee clubber who’s going to be raging against whatever vile, nasty things Sebastian does.

Sebastian turns into a f—-ing tyrant,” says Kevin McHale, who will be, ahem, screaming mad about it. “The whole Kurt and Blaine thing really pisses Sebastian off, and he takes it out on New Directions. So we all team up to do something about it, and Artie doesn’t really agree with how Mr. Schue wants to handle things.

It’s a good thing Michael Jackson, alongside sis Janet, knew a thing or two about letting anger rip. “I literally scream about it,” McHale said of getting to remake the video for “Scream.” That was a good day.”

More concerning is word that Grant Gustin, who plays sleazy Sebastian, has an offer on the table to become a series regular next season. Questions for my fellow Glee fans: How do you feel about Sebastian? Super sexy or super silly? Would you want to see him, redeemed or otherwise, more often on Glee? Are you so excited that Artie gets to sing “Scream”? (You should be.) Share your feelings in the comments below.

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