Lea Michele: Glee is Planning A Huge Surprise

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

One week ago it was revealed that Lea Michele and Chris Colfer would be returning for the fourth season of Glee, despite their characters graduating from McKinley at the end of this year. I already brought you Insider.com's exclusive chat with Chris and now it's Lea's time to shine.

Since day one, her performance as Rachel "I'm A Star" Berry has been one of the show's most consistently ferocious, earning Lea an Emmy nomination, two Golden Globe nods and a massive army of fans. I caught up with the actress right after it was revealed that she would be back next season, so in addition to getting the dish on Rachel's return, I found out what to expect from tonight's episode, what the future holds for Finchel and what cause she's backing in a big way this year!

Insider.com: First of all, it was revealed that you and Chris Colfer will be back next season. Are you excited?
Lea Michele: I am so excited that it's finally official. I spoke with Ryan [Murphy, creator] and he filled me in on his ideas for next season. I don't want to give a lot of away, but it's groundbreaking. He's such a genius. Everything he comes up with is so special and he's figured out this amazing way to factor us freshman in college, or whatever we are, into the show. It's very interesting and more importantly, I think our fans are going to be very happy.

Insider: But before we get there, we have this season to finish up. What can you tell me about the first 2012 episode titled Yes/No?
Lea: It has a huge surprise in it. A very big storyline for Rachel starts in the next two episodes -- Yes/No and the Michael Jackson episode. I've been loving the storyline and I'm so happy with where everything is going because I feel like it's the best combination of season one and two. We have some of the spectacle aspects but at the end of the day, it's about the core glee club and the characters. We will also find out who gets into NYADA in the Michael Jackson episode. Well, not who gets in but more clues to it.

Insider: A lot of people are assuming that Kurt and Rachel can't get into NYADA and still be on Glee. Comments?
Lea: Well, next year we're not going to be in the high school – we will be someplace else. I just don't know where yet.

Insider: What are you excited for the fans to see with the upcoming episodes?
Lea: I'm excited for them to see some storylines that I think true Glee fans have been dying for. Ryan is really giving everybody what they want this year. There's also some great stuff coming up with Rachel and Finn. Great stories, great duets, we laugh a lot but we've also been crying together a lot too [laughs].

Insider: This is Rachel's last change to win at Nationals. Do you want that for her?
Lea: I think that no matter what happens, she'll get that wining feeling, even if she doesn't win the title. She will be satisfied with what Ryan has planned.

Insider: Looking back on all three season, do you have a favorite episode?
Lea: My favorite episode is New York. I just loved seeing this small glee club in Ohio go to New York and you just think, this is where they're supposed to be. Kurt and Rachel outside Tiffany's, Finn and Rachel at Sardi's – for me, a New Yorker, it doesn't get any better than that.

Insider: As a New Yorker myself, I also wanted to take a second and commend you on the work you're doing to get carriage horses banned. 
Lea: Thank you. It upsets me to say this, but I could not get out New York fast enough this winter because it was depressing. I came back to LA and promised myself that in 2012, I would devote two minutes of every day to figuring out the next step towards ending this. I can't change everything, I can't fix everything, which can be frustrating sometimes because you feel like you have to and want to, but I will not give up on this one.

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