Lea Michele talks her rumored relationship with Dianna Agron and Brittana's lack of romance

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Lea Michele and Dianna Agron are good friends and castmates on Glee, but that's as far as it goes. It seems like a lot of fans who ship Rachel and Quinn want to see the actresses together in real life, but Michele told me at the Fox TCA party it's just not happening.
"We think it's the funniest thing ever," Lea said. "We think it's hilarious. But I mean, you know, she's wonderful and people are just so crazy the way that they spin things. It's so funny."
Both actresses are hugely pro-gay advocates, so it seems they would come out if any of the hopeful rumors of their dating were true. It might disappoint fans and shippers, but Lea doesn't seem to mind if they want to think she's cozying up to her co-star.

When asked about Brittany and Santana's lack of kissing or any further romance on Glee this season, Lea said she doesn't think it's much different from Rachel's relationships on the show.
"I feel like we've given — I feel Brittany and Santana have just done as much as Finn and Rachel have, to be honest with you," she told me. "I mean, hello!"
That could be true as far as Rachel and Finn are concerned, but clearly not with some of the other couples on the show. (Remember that baby Quinn had?) In any case, it doesn't seem like she's promising anything else for the near future.

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