More 3x11 'Michael' Spoilers! What happened to Blaine's eye and will Rachel regret of saying yes to Finn?

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Does Kurt cry in the episode as well? 
Kurt, Blaine and Finn get a little emotional during the episode but Rachel is the one sobbing. 

funny story: Quinn says to Rachel that Finchel are a lovely couple but in her locker you see many pictures including one of Finn and Rachel and she had put a tape on Rachel’s face.

I know people are making fun but it’s not a normal slushie.

what does quinn tell rachel?
That in order to have her dreams come to, Rachel needs to break up with Finn. Tbh I don’t think Quinn ever loved anyone by the way she lied and treated them so it’s good for her to wait till she’s in her 30s. And Quinn’s solo there’s Puck, Finn and Sam on the stage.

Rachel don't tell Finn about NYADA, because she only discovers if she is in or not on the last scene of the episode, i'm correct?

Will Rachel regret of saying yes to Finn?
Too soon to say.

Is Kurt happy at the end of episode?

are the ND present for the human nature duet?

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