Spoiler Chat: Finchel & Rory coming between Brittana

Monday, January 16, 2012

Monica: Thanks for the Damian McGinty video and romance scoop! Wondering if we'll see the other Glee Project winner, Samuel Larsen, any time soon?
Damian says as far as he knows, Samuel is still set to appear this season. "There are only seven episode left [to shoot], so it has to be soon!" In the meantime, check the Glee music section of West Hollywood's Target store, where (true story) I spotted Samuel singing Glee tunes to "himself" right before Christmas. Ryan Murphy, let's get him on the show, eh? Kid needs a new hobby. Oh and BTW, Damian also said they are still shooting that Michael Jackson episode. It's been more than a month!

virgo119: I will rage against the Glee writers if they try that crap with [Rory] coming between Brittana. We haven't even gotten a kiss.
Simmer down now, sassy pants! Watch the Damian McGinty interview! It's very clear he's not talking about Brittany or Santana and specifically says of Rory's past feelings for Brittany: "Brittany is with Santana and so she is kind of off the market." This is why you must watch the video, friend! And I hear ya on the kiss.

Gail: Thanks for the scoop on the next episode of Glee, but can I squeeze a bit more scoop from you about Finchel?
What happens in tomorrow's episode with Finn (Cory Monteith) and Rachel (Lea Michele) is not a bad thing, so forget any rumors about a breakup that you hear on the magic computer box (Internet). We'd tell you more, but the episode is so chock full of twists that we wouldn't dare spoil a thing for you.

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