What’s Next for NeNe Leakes on Glee? Jane Lynch Teases Sue-Roz Rivalry!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Though Jane Lynch and new guest star NeNe Leakes have yet to cross paths on Glee so far — it is only a matter of time before things get explosive between the two.
She's going to try to outdo Sue [in an upcoming episode], so we will have to see how that goes,” Jane Lynch told Wetpaint Entertainment at the FOX TCA All Star party. “[There’s] a little rivalry going on.”
With the Real Housewives of Atlanta star’s larger-than-life Glee personality? And Sue Sylvester’s own signature brand of crazy? Something tells us that “little” might not be the best word to describe it!

And the spring season offers a number of battles for Sue Sylvester to fight — some more internal than others.

There is a tenured position open and she's going to be fighting for that,” says Jane. “And there is something big coming up for Sue that I can't tease but let's just say for a pre-menopausal woman it's pretty exciting.”

Really? Might that have something to do with all those baby rumors we’ve been hearing?

For a veteran character actor like Jane, who now gets recognized wherever she goes, the actress told us that being on Glee is still exciting.

“The weeks I'm not in the show, I can't wait to get back,” she tells us, adding that her schedule is nowhere near as taxing as it is for the rest of the cast, who all take part in the musical numbers. 
“They're working their ass off, “she says. “I think it's inevitable because you have to rehearse, you have to record, and then you're shooting the show. And we're shooting music videos, sometimes four and five, six and seven.” 
“For me, it's always been easy,” she adds. “I waltz in and out, lay down a couple of one‑liners and some run‑on sentences and go home. They're working hard.

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