3x14 "On My Way" Round Up: Performances, Sneak Peek and more!

Friday, February 17, 2012

Performances:"Glad you Came" - Warblers: HERE

"Stronger" - New Directions: HERE

Sneak Peek: HERE

Lima Bean Scene: HERE

Songs and downloads: HERE
Leaked Screencaps:


Can I just ask you if Puck has anything to do in this episode?
Nothing of significance.

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What can you say about the cliffhanger? Are you, personally, interested to see how it unfolds after the hiatus, or is it pretty predictable?

It’s effective. A bit contrived and I’m sure it’s what many people have predicted, but it’s effective.

Are you able to give any hints as to which part of the fandom will be pissed? Even if it is a hint that it will be shippers or just fans of a particular character. Thanks

I honestly don’t know what Kristin was talking about. I don’t think anyone should be overtly pissed tbh. But that’s JMO.
Is the episode sad? Like is it as emotional as the promos for it make it our to be? :)
Yeah, it’s heavily emotional.

Do we find out who's Sue's baby daddy?


 Were there any characters that annoyed you during the episode? :)

Surprisingly no LOL

Any clue to which fandom will be mad in the ending?

Not really. I mean, I’m sure you could say the Finchel fans or the Klaine fans or the Quinn fans or the Faberry fans or pretty much anyone but it’s really Kristin stretching for hype in my opinion.

Are there any finchel kisses in the episode? Finchel kisses are always the best ;)


Hi! I was wondering - is there any comedy in this episode, considering Glee is well, still technically a comedy. It all sounds so heavy (and I hope they give warning prior to the episode) but I just want some comedy. So since you said it is heavily emotional, are there things to balance it a bit or is it all a total downer? Thank you so much!

Yeah, Rachel’s dads have some great comedic stuff.

Does Rachel have anything with just her dads?


Ah, there was another question nagging in my head that I just remembered! Do you know if we get a promo for Big Brother (some people are saying we might not, since it's a hiatus and all)? Thanks again!

No idea…sorry!

Will Tina appear on this episode?


I love when other people love Tina like I do.

Songs order?
Cough Syrup
Glad You Came

Fly / I Believe I Can Fly
What Doesn’t Kill You (Stronger)
Here’s To Us

So I'm guessing there's nothing to spoil re: Brittana and/or Brittany and Santana separately?

Nope. Nothing of significance that I can remember. There might be some background stuff, but I don’t remember anything in particular.
so the "cliffhanger" involves most of the characters, or just one or two?

It’s a multi-faceted cliffhanger. That’s all I’ll say about it.

Any Faberry scenes? Friendship only not romantic.

Friendship Faberry? Yeah.

WRT the Warblers, please tell me the part where they maimed Blaine/tried to maim Kurt isn't completely swept under the rug and everyone's not all happy and friendly? Or at least tell me that everyone still gets to be mad at Sebastian like they should be?

If I remember correctly, the rock salt slushie gets brought up again, but perhaps not with the weight people will want it to.
What's the third choir at Regionals called?
The Golden Goblets

Does Kurt have a change of heart about the wedding? It looks like he and Rachel were looking at wedding magazines in the Lima Bean clip.

They are looking at wedding magazines. He’s a bit less…heavy…about it. He still thinks they should wait, but he’s softened a little.

Any Quinn and Puck interaction on this episode?

Hi! :) i know you're getting a bunch of questions asking for spoilers about the episode but i just want to know if it's a good one. is it an especially good episode like "Yes/No", emotional and funny and with good story lines. or just an average glee episode?

It’s kind of like Funeral with the balance of emotion to storylines and how the two weave together.
Does Finn found out about the blackmail photo?


Are there some really phenomenal performances from the actors in this episode? Could you see a Golden Globe nomination being put into question?(what? not emmys, which actually care about episodes?)

I think Chris Colfer probably has the strongest material. Obviously others do, as well, but he probably has the best material in the episode.

thank you for answering all these questions. not asking for anything specific, but kurt/karofsky is somewhat triggering for me, do you think it's best if I skip this episode?

If Karofsky or Kurtofsky triggers you, you should probably skip the episode.

Do you think some Finchel fans could be upset with certain things in the episode?

Of course. There are things in every episode that some Finchel fans find random ways to get upset over…and I say this AS A FINCHEL FAN. Some of y’all are far too touchy.

Could you at least tell us if Kurt and Blaine have any scenes where they talk to each other (like REALLY talk)?? Thanks for letting us no there's no breakup. :) xoxo

Were all the scenes with Sebastian in good?
Is klaine on good terms in the episode? thanks for telling us there's no breakup, btw c:

great terms throughout

Is the episode really "jaw dropping" or "shocking"?

hello! thanks so much for sharing; i'm sure people are bombarding your ask box right now. anything on samcedes?

staceysthings asked: How much of the episode is actually spent on Regionals?

about 10-15 mins

Everyone thinks the Cliffhanger is to do with Karofsky or Finchel wedding, are they on theright track or is it something completely unexpected?

 I just really want to know (you can answer privately), does it looks like it will be the last time we see Karofsky?
no it leaves a relatively open window for him to return in some capacity
I know this question has kind of been asked before, but this is kind of just a clarifying question. You said that Kurt and Blaine talk during the Cough Syrup scene, but it’s mostly just the soundtrack for another scene (which I kind of figured it would be). My question is just if Blaine gives a reason as to why he’s singing the song to Kurt in the first place.

just for a competition solo possibility

Does the Karofsky scene happen before or after the Finchel wedding.

does Karofsky get a love interest? some people i follow were speculating that he might
theres a dream sequence for karofsky (THAT DOES NOT FEATURE KURT) where he has a partner, but otherwise not…

Is the cliffhanger BIG like life threatening big?

Do regionals happen before or after the wedding?

please tell us something about quinn
she has some sweet scenes with sue

When you say that the ciffhanger changes the dynamic of the show, did you mean just for a few episodes or for the rest of the season, or series?
we dont know what happens, so it could be one episode or the rest of the show, depending on what they do with it

Everyone is saying that the episode is going to change everything about Glee. Is that true or is the cast overreacting?
it definitely changes the dynamic of the show

Do we find out why New Directions and the Warblers seem to be on better terms by the competition or is it just handwaved?
we find out why

We already have confirmation that there is a wemma scene in the episode involving Will, Emma, and 3 other individuals. E!online and TV Line confirmed it.
yes it’s with Figgins and Sue. but u would never know they were a couple from it so I don’t consider it Wemma

Obviously you can't tell us what happens but did it make sense having cough syrup so early or did it seem kinda random?
it all makes sense

How soon is cough syrup in the episode? within the first 5 minutes?
5 or 10

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    Kierofaky hang himself after he is outted and bullied. Cough Syrop is the song use for the montage between B singing and him commiting suicide
    / This the reason why ND and the W are
    On better terms. SM and Q have a great talk after they win REG. And Q is back o the CHs. But i dont think this is important when after getting back into the CHs and she gets into a TERRIBLE CAR accident on her way to R&F wed. Fades to black. TO BE CONTINUED. Until April 10th.