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Tuesday, February 07, 2012

LillianaLee: Glee me up! Please tell me that Blaine and Kurt are not breaking up!
In my "instant scoop" post on this week's Ricky Martin episode, I mentioned that there is a teeny-tiny moment (with Rachel) where you see Kurt is not ready yet to marry Blaine (Darren Criss). I do think that little moment is a small seed to let us know that it is entirely possible that Kurt (Chris Colfer) may be shipped off to NYADA this fall, and Blaine, as you know, is not graduating. Can those crazy kids keep it together? Time will tell, but for now, a solid source tells me: "Blaine and Kurt are still very much a couple and there aren't any plans right now to break them up." Phew! Let's toast to that with a rock-salt-less slushie, shall we? And light a candle for season four?

Phoebe: Anything new on Glee?
Not only will we see the hunky Matt Bomer play Blaine's brother Cooper, but we also get a flashback to their childhood! Sources tell us they are casting the roles now. Who doesn't want to see a young Darren Criss and a young Bomer? If you raised your hand, then reevaluate your life decisions.

Mandy_English: Is Emma really still a virgin on Glee?
Yes. And it will be dealt with. Also, be prepared: There is a Will and Emma fight coming, but it will turn out OK.

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