EW: Details from next week's Ricky Martin episode, 'The Spanish Teacher'

Friday, February 03, 2012

Gleeks, here’s something you already know: Ricky Martin is hot like fire. You’ve probably already seen his performance of LMFAO’s “Sexy and I Know It” and he’s even steamier on next week’s episode of Glee, titled “The Spanish Teacher.” EW got an early peek at the episode, in which Martin plays David Martinez, a night school Spanish teacher who helps Will (Matthew Morrison) when a student complains about his teaching abilities. But that’s only one part of a pretty plot-packed hour of Glee.

Here are the highlights [MILD SPOILER ALERTS]
  • Will and Sue battle it out over getting tenure at McKinley
  • Sue announces that she wants to have a baby by artificial insemination (“With whose vagina?” is asked at least twice in the episode)
  • NeNe Leakes returns as Roz Washington and takes a stab at choreographing the Cheerios. She also has an EPIC verbal takedown with Sue. Example: “Start praying you give birth to a child who likes to eat sand because that’s all that’s coming out of those old wrinkly boobs.”
  • Everyone in the choir room swoons over Martin’s David… including, surprisingly, Artie.
  • Emma tells Mercedes and Sam to spend the week apart and think about their relationship to see if there’s something really there
  • Mercedes sings “Don’t Wanna Lose You” by Gloria Estefan and makes some serious eyes at Sam
  • Meanwhile, Sam and the boys do a mash-up of Gypsy Kings’ “Bamboleo” and Enrique Iglesias’ “Hero.” Sam definitely directs the latter song’s lyrics to Mercedes
  • Rachel tells Kurt and Mercedes about her engagement to Finn and they don’t exactly offer to throw her a bachelorette party
  • Finn and Kurt have a major talk about the engagement and their futures. Could Finn be rethinking his decision?
  • Santana and Ricky Martin’s David do a hot cover of Madonna’s “La Isla Bonita”
  • Will does a less impressive version of Elvis’ “A Little Less Conversation” while dressed in a matador outfit (Brittany and Mike play the bulls)
  • Emma unveils a slew of new pamphlets, including one called “Taint Misbehavin’” that teaches athletes about proper hygiene
  • Will makes a major career decision that will affect his future at McKinley

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