Glee-Dux: OK, the Michael Jackson Episode Rocked! But Wait, Is Dianna Agron Gone for Good?

Wednesday, February 01, 2012


Who else has been having way too much fun saying Glee like that? Thanks, Chris Colfer. Tonight, Glee paid tribute to the King of Pop: Michael Jackson. That alone made the episode a season-three favorite for us, but we also got some verrry interesting plot developments along with the great musical numbers.

Let's talk about the episode highlights, and we'll give you a peek at what's coming up...

Sebastian Is Evviiillleee: OK, we did giggle when we saw Blaine (Darren Criss) in an eye patch (the pirate jokes wouldn't stop coming!), but that doesn't mean we're on Team Sebastian. Far from it. Sebastian (Grant Gustin) had to go and ruin an awesome dance-off with a slushie directly into Blaine's eye, sending him to the hospital with an injury requiring for surgery. That really meant war.

While Sebastian being captain of the douche-brigade meant hurting our New Directions babies, it did lead to Mike and Artie (Kevin McHale dancing!) reenacting the "Scream" video and the Santana-Sebastian showdown in "Smooth Criminal." Plus, the Klaine and Finchel scene in Blaine's bedroom must have made fan bases explode, because it was très adorable. Basically, that awful human gave us the gift of awesome musical numbers. And guess what? Sebastian isn't going anywhere, so prepare for more fireworks.

Speaking of fireworks: Samcedes lives! Thoughts?

Rachel Said Yes: We were kind of hoping she'd wait things out with Finn (Cory Monteith), "the love of her life," but Ms. Berry (Lea Michele) wants to become Mrs. Hudson, so he officially put a ring on it! But then learned she was a finalist to get into NYADA, so that, combined with Quinn's (Dianna Agron) speech, is definitely going to make this engagement messy. It wouldn't be Finchel without some bumps in the road. At least fans can rest assured that he said he'd be following her to New York, so she won't be giving up any of her dreams. Rachel belongs on Broadway, after all! Sidenote: Remember how Cory told us this episode would pick up immediately with Rachel's answer via song? Yeah, we don't know how that happened to that either.

Kurt (Chris Colfer) is also a NYADA finalist, which makes us so happy because we loooove Kurt and Rachel's friendship. Gotta keep them together! We did not, however, like how quickly Rachel spun Kurt's elation into a sob story about her future. Hey, we get it, it's tough to be a high school senior, and it's hard to be happy for someone when your dreams aren't coming true, but c'mon, Rach! Pull it together for a just a second for your friend. But we got to see Lea Michele act her butt off, which is always a good thing. And at least Kurt's dad Burt (Mike O'Malley) was there to pick up on the excitement slack. O'Malley makes us cry every time he's in a Glee episode! We both hate and love him for it.

Quinn Says Goodbye: Fans of every Quinn coupling got a moment to reminisce as our former head cheerleader said goodbye to her ties to Finn, Puck, Sam and all of her past. She got into Yale, early admission, and if we didn't know that Dianna Agron was still recording songs and filming, we'd take this episode as a complete wrap up for Quinn! But we know she'll be back. It's nice to see Quinn come full circle and offer real advice to Rachel. Now we know why Rachel and Quinn as a pair are still in competition for our annual TV's Top Couples tournament. Side note: Dianna looked positively gorgeous during her number. It's not even fair.

Rewind Moment: Blaine doing the Michael Jackson crotch-grab. Don't judge us! You rewound it, too!

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