It's Regionals time! Pictures, Spoilers, Plus! What songs they are gonna sing?!

Friday, February 10, 2012

Q: Who sings lead in the Troubletones performance? Does Brittany get some of the spotlight?
A: Brittany, santana, and mercedes all sing parts.

  • Rachel’s dads are actually at her performance for once. And before Finchel fans ask, they’re not sitting with Burt/Carole, but behind them.
  • Warblers: Warblers don’t do MJ, but - Stand by Lenny Kravitz. So all that MJ whining was for nothing.
  •  New Directions: Fly (Nicki Minaj) / I Believe I Can Fly Mash-Up. Lea/Kevin vocals + Naya/Darren rapping.
  • Troubletones: (As New Directions) What Doesn’t Kill Me by Kelly Clarkson
  • Rachel's Solo: Here’s To Us by Halestorm (I think)
Fly / I Believe I Can Fly Mash-Up
If anyone wonders where Glee stole the song idea from this time.

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