Jayma Mays Dishes on Will and Emma's Wedding and Why She's Doing Sit-Ups

Friday, February 03, 2012

Will (Matthew Morrison) finally put a ring on it, but how long are we going to have to wait before we get a Glee wedding? Glee fans are not known for being patient, though one could argue that Will-Emma fans have been patient for two and a half seasons.

So because patience is not on our list of many virtues, we had a chat with Jayma Mays about the possibility of a Wemma wedding before this season is done, and the big moment that comes on the wedding night…

"I feel like it could come really soon," Mays says about her onscreen wedding to Morrison. "And then I feel like, 'oh, maybe they'll hold us out for another year,' but I'd like to see it happen this year."

And with a wedding comes a wedding night, which means Emma will finally(!!!) lose her virginity. "I'm really worried because you know that she's still a virgin, so the second that I found that out I was like, 'Oh no, what are they going to make me do on camera?' I'm going to start sweating from nerves just thinking about it right now, and I need to start doing sit-ups."

Um, we think you look just fine, Jayma. But if exercise gets rid of the nerves, have at it.

So we might have to wait until season four for those two to walk down the aisle, and the only reason that makes us nervous is Ryan Murphy might want to break up Wemma, just to keep the fans a'buzzin'.

"I hope [they stay together]. You never know if they're going to throw a spanner in the works, but to my knowledge things are going well with the two of them right now."

To hear from Jayma about Ricky Martin's episode and the possibility of Gwyneth Paltrow coming back, watch her complete interview.

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