Learn everything about 3x13 "Heart"! Brittana, Quinn, Samcedes and even what The Berrys make for dinner!

Monday, February 13, 2012

3x13 Heart is all-new tomorrow! Find out what we learned about the episode:

3x13: Heart

Song order?
Let Me Love You
Stereo Hearts
I Will Always Love You
You’re The Top

Do we see Finn at the end of Stereo Heart? Does he surprise Rachel?

Are there any Brittana scenes?

Is Blaine only present during love shack?

Is the Cherish/Cherish mash-up a singing telegram? If so, who for?
Yes. Can’t say but you’ll find out after Stereo Heart.

Will Brittana fans be satisfied with this episode?
IMO it’s good for all the couples.

Does the episode end on a cliffhanger?
No. Leave that for the next episode. lol

Do we find out who's in the gorillagram or who it's sent by? (for Kurt :))

What can you tell me about the Berrys/Hudmel scene???
It’s the best part. Meeting the Berry’s you can understand Rachel more.

Please dont spoil anything about brittana kiss(es) :)
I won’t.

Are Burt and Carole and LeRoy and Hiram in a scene together?

Does Kurt meet Rachel's dads?
He’s not at the dinner.

So 'Stereo Hearts' was Finn's Valentines day message to Rachel, but he doesn't come out after the performance, right?

Even though Blaine's only in one scene, do you think Klaine fans will be satisfied with this episode?
Is the Glee fandom ever satisfied?

Is Cherish sung during Sugar's party?

Do Mr. and Mr. Berry get to kiss in the ep?
No. But they’re cute and funny.

They didn't cut the Finchel bed scene, right?

So what you're saying is that Klaine fans won't be satisfied?
It means I don’t know. I’m Klaine and I was satisfied. And as Sugar says Blaine’s “back from the dead”

Is there any mention of Blaine's surgery?
He takes the eye patch off before he goes sing.

Is there another individual that gets serenaded by the 'God Squad' (Quinn/Joe/Sam/Mercedes)?

Is Samuel singing in love shack? Someone said the he was, but it's hard to distinguish his voice from Darrens.
No, it’s Blaine, Kurt and Mercedes.

Is there anything you can say about Brittana? Anything at all?
It’s good!

Matt Morrison said Wemma get in a fight this episode but people seem to think he got mixed up with the last one. Care to clarify?
I think he got mixed up.

Is Principal Figgins in this episode?
Yes. With Brittana. That’s all I’ll say.

It’s your prerogative to practice blatant nepotism, but the least you could do is put us Dave fans out of our misery. So maybe I can sleep instead of livestreaming this at 2 am, and others don’t have to watch at all if they don’t want to. Please.
????? I posted the cast list and the episode description. I won’t say anything else.

Quinn's love life-related story?

Tina? Where? '-'
Singing with Mike and supporting a couple…

Is there some kind of resolution to the Samcedes plotline?
No resolution, just continuity.

Is there a Quinncedes scene in this episode other than God Squad serenades?
No, but God Squad has a scene other than just singing.

Do Sam and Mercedes have any scenes alone?

Any Pezberry?

But why so many vague answers about Brittana? Can you at last say if the scenes Santana's in is most about them?
Because I don’t wanna spoil. lol The promo did. Besides, I said it’s good.

Any Puck/Quinn interaction?

What's your favorite scene of the episode?
Everything. It’s all about love and showing your love.

Could you give us any info at all about Puck? I don't see any spoilers on here about him. Thanks!!
He has lines and from what you can see in the promo, he’s getting some love. lol

Is there any Rachel/Quinn interaction besides on the performance of "Stereo Hearts"?

Haven't you just kinda spoiled about the Brittana kiss saying that the promo already spoiled it?
Not really. It’s been a while since I get thousand of messages about Brittana kiss, like every episode, and the promo spoiled that. But I only said the Brittana is good.

Do Finn and Rachel announce their engagement before or after stereo hearts?

Is there any Rachel/Quinn scenes where they're on their own?

Is the pezberry scene alone or with other people?
Aren’t they together in the beginning of Stereo heart?

Do I have permission to be pissed at Kurt? Did he tell Burt and Carole? Cuz I'm not down with that.
Finchel fans won’t have much love for Kurt in this episode.

Can you confirm if this is Finn's first time meeting the Berry dads? I'm sick of the haters using it as another reason to hate Finn.
It’s never explicitly said, but it’s pretty clear that the Berry daddies were well-acquainted with Finn. They already knew Burt and Carole and they know quite a bit about Finn and Rachel’s history, and there was no moment of Finn “meeting” Hiram and Leroy.

It’s pretty clear Finn has met Rachel’s dads before — and probably many times, at that.

Well, they are trying to use Kurt as the audiences "voice of reason". Since the writers seem to always side with Kurt, the way he feels about the engagement might predict the outcome which will not be good for Finchel. Meaning Kurt against marriage/engagement = Finchel calling off engagement and definitely not following through with the wedding.

I don’t buy that.

Edit: I don’t buy it because there’s larger story potential for wherein Finn and Rachel DO get married, Kurt STILL doesn’t approve, and it causes Hummelberry and Furt tension, which bleeds over into their collective plans for New York.

Kurt disapproves, Finn and Rachel call it off…then what?

There’s greater storyline potential in a Finn/Rachel versus the world kind of story than a story that’s simply resolved with them deciding not to get married. And given how they’ve taken the road less traveled this entire engagement process thus far, I’d suspect a Finchel marriage is more likely than them calling off their engagement or deciding to wait a few years.

But that’s JMO. I don’t know how next week plays.

I assume the Berry men love Finn, yes?
They do :o)

In response to the anti-Finchel Kurt cheerleading..
I wouldn’t champion and celebrate him just yet. What Kurt does sets off a series of events that lead to Finn and Rachel setting a date for their wedding so…I wouldn’t go patting him on the back just yet. He doesn’t break Finn and Rachel up. He hasn’t stopped their wedding. Nothing he said or did in this episode changed their minds about getting married.You’re all taking that entirely too far.

Fun facts: 
  • Hiram makes duck for dinner. And ice cream cake for dessert.
  • After Finn and Rachel announce their engagement to New Directions, three members are completely supportive of them right away. One more shows their support in another scene.
  • About the last scene...
Last year Kurt dedicated the song to all the singles out there. This year, Blaine dedicates the song to all the lovers in the room.

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