New 3x12 'The Spanish Teacher' Still! Ricky Martin and Naya Rivera's duet!!

Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Ricky Martin is sexy and he knows it.

You know who else knows it? Santana. If a photo truly does speak a thousand words, then this exclusive look at Martin and Naya Rivera's duet from tonight's episode speaks only hot and sexy adjectives…

Santana and David Martínez (Martin) get together to sing (and dance!) to Madonna's "La Isla Bonita," and based just on this first look photo, it'll be muy caliente!

How does Ricky Martin manage to make us swoon via photo? And then, combined with the hotness that is Rivera, well we can only imagine how their duet will look on the screen. Well, Kristin kind of told us how it looks when she previewed the episode, saying that she could watch these two perform together for the rest of her life.

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