William Keck watches 3x12 'The Spanish Teacher' (SPOILER ALERT)

Friday, February 03, 2012

He tweeted:
  • Wow - never thought I’d hear the Cockroach song being performed on #Glee
  • Boys in sombreros!
  • There’s Ricky at chalkboard!!
  • Lol. Ricky’s character David says he learned how to speak English by watching Solid Gold
  • Sue in a smashing new purple tracksuit
  • Ewwww… A new low for Sue. Recruiting sperm from Glee club boys in attempt to become a mama. Gross!!!
  • Ewww Sue @janemarielynch just asked #matthewmorrison for his “baby gravy”!!
  • Oh, there’s #neneleakes back as swim coach Roz 
  • Too funny how kids answer when asked where they’ll be in the year 2030. 
  • Too funny the look on Sugar and #chriscolfer chriscolfer Kurt’s face when #rickymartin first walks into choral room 
  • #rickymartin : “I got passion in my pants and I ain’t afraid to show it.”
  • They’re all wiggling
  • I mean Sam/Mercedes scene
  • #neneleakes Roz Vs. @janemarielynch Sue Sylvester. Roz tells Sue she’s too old to have a baby - will give birth to a grandchild!!
  • Lol. Roz tells girls they have “donkey booties” and tells Sue she has “old wrinkly boobs”!! Ouch!
  • @msleamichele Rachel sharing her big news with 2 friends
  • @MsAmberPRiley sings beautifully en Espagnol
  • Now #chordoverstreet takes the lead on a #rickymartin Spanish classic
  • …and Sam seems to agree!!
  • Oh, #chordoverstreet Sam and #amberriley Mercedes shippers are going to LOVE this episode!!!
  • EW - Emma just handed Sue a pamphlet that says “Please don’t hog my fiance’s nog.”
  • Omg - Sue is saying the most sincere sweet things about one of her enemies
  • Finn #corymonteith is working out in gym
  • Sweet Kurt/Finn scene
  • Sue Vs Santana #nayarivera - santana cracks a vagina joke in Sue’s face
  • Uh oh. Trouble in Wemma land
  • Oh wow. #rickymartin and #nayarivera dueting on a Spanish #Madonna classic. This is the hottest thing I’ve seen on this show. Puck agrees.
  • Will #matthewmorrison as a matador with brittany #heathermorrisas his bull Uhhh, I dont know about this.
  • Damn, #nayarivera is going to be a superstar. She is the next Jennifer Lopez. Get this girl on the big screen!
  • Ewww. Puck just said “I stopped washing down there because it seemed kinda gay” and Rory talks about his strip of hair catching the dirt.
  • This is the dirtiest episode of #Glee ever.
  • Hahaahaaa. Funny line about Brittany and Becky involving a crayon
  • @PrestonTaylorS weird. I haven’t seen Tina

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