Cory Monteith talks Project Limelight

Friday, March 02, 2012

A big THANK-YOU to all the amazing people who made this video possible - Filmmakers - Scott Hastings, Jeff Bell, Christa LeCraw & Bernie Yao. Zach Webb (Music), Ken Lawson - Artistic Producer of the Roundhouse Youth Theatre Action Group (, Morgan Brayton, Lisa Caruk, the awesome volunteers and participants at Project Limelight Society, and Cory Monteith.
Welcome to the world of Project Limelight, a free theatre program for kids who are driven to perform. No experience necessary! Project Limelight is about inspiring children to look inside themselves and discover their inner strengths, explore their hidden talents, develop confidence and form lasting friendships. Above all, Project Limelight is about having fun!

At Project Limelight, we want to unleash the imagination, awaken curiosity and give children the opportunity to experience the magic of applause. We have set out to develop a program that offers youth living in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside a safe place to build an artistic community.The vision for Project Limelight is to create a community of support for kids as they pursue their passion and their education. With your support, Project Limelight will be able to offer participants opportunities including internships and scholarships to continue their studies.

Support Project Limelight today and help give kids the chance to shine. Visit

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