Lindsay Pearce Teases “Really Big Storyline” for Samuel Larsen

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Fans of Samuel Larsen (Joe Hart) better get ready, because The Glee Project’s Lindsay Pearce tells Wetpaint Entertainment that her fellow finalist is about to hit the big time on Glee! 

Samuel, who, like Lindsay, won a role on the hit Fox show after appearing on the reality audition show, hasn’t had much screen time yet. But Gleeks can look for that to change!

“I think things will pick up for him soon,” Lindsay revealed to Wetpaint Entertainment. In the show, I think they’re going to start giving him this really big storyline. So it’s going to be cool.

And Lindsay, who made a big splash on Glee last fall singing “Anything Goes,” hopes her character, Harmony, will make a comeback.

“I’m not allowed to say if anything’s happening or not, but it’s always a possibility. It’s always there in the air that I could be brought back,” she said.

In fact, when last we saw Harmony, it was clear she had plenty of time left in high school. “She gave us that little Easter egg of ‘I’m only a sophomore’,” smiled Lindsay, who spoke exclusively to Wetpaint Entertainment while promoting her upcoming Los Angeles stage musical, Spring Awakening. “I still see some of the cast. They were very nice to me.”

And she cheers on her former Glee Project buddies who have graduated to the big show, like Samuel and Damian McGinty (Rory). 

“It’s interesting to see how much they’re growing on the set. I get why they’re not at the forefront of scenes yet because it is the senior year of the people that have been there for three years. Their storylines are so important.”

But according to Lindsay, her buddy Samuel won’t be in the background for much longer!

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