New 3x16 & 3x17: Spoilers & Set Pictures!

Sunday, March 11, 2012

All new spoilers @ "Everything We Know So Far", this is just a teaser. ;)

3x16: “Saturday Night Gleever”:
  • "They shot Disco Inferno in the choir room - March 6."
Set Pictures:

From a crew member (that has correctly spoiled things in the past):
Our long, national nightmare is finally in the can.  
Fun fact: we flew in the actual, original, 35 year-old dance floor from the set of Saturday Night Fever. Guy named Vito from Brooklyn owns it. Yep, Vito. 
The electricians had a field day trying to find circa 1976 parts.
3x17 added @ "Everything We Know So Far"! Check out the new set pictures:

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