Quinn and Joe Alert? Samuel Larsen Teases “Juicy” Scene With Dianna Agron

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Although the car wreck on the last episode of Glee looked fatal, we know Dianna Agron (Quinn) is back at work on the hit FOX show. Now how will producers bring back the Yale-bound beauty when Glee returns with new episodes on April 10?

New Glee star Samuel Larsen (Joe) sounds off to Wetpaint Entertainment about Dianna’s hotly-anticipated return to the show after her character Quinn’s mid-season finale car accident.

Samuel is understandably mum on the details, but he teased “Anything could happen, literally. We could totally catch you by surprise, and you didn’t even see it coming. Don’t bank on anything. I mean, this is Glee we’re talking about!”

But fans will for sure see more of Samuel — the Glee Project winner who recently graduated to the big show — because producers have beefed up his role as formerly home schooled Joe Hart. And the actor said he recently tweeted a comment of how happy he was to work with Dianna “because we had a scene to do, and it was the first time I got to do something juicy.”

A juicy scene? Hmm. Could Quinn and Joe become an item? No clue from Samuel, but pairing these two together is definitely something fans have been buzzing about for a while. Would you like to see them as a couple?

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