Ausiello Spoilers: Who's gonna be Joe's "bro"? Plus, will Karofsky be back?!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Question: Any intel on this year’s prom king and queen on Glee? —Carrie
Ausiello: How ’bout I rule two people out? It won’t be Mercedes and Sam.(Do you wanna know who really is? We already know the answer! Click here.)

Question: Ausiello, I need to know what the heck is going to happen on Season 4 of Glee! But I’d settle for some intel on religious hottie Joe (The Glee Project‘s Samuel Larsen). I mean, he hasn’t really been assimilated into the core cast very well, outside of his flirtations with Quinn. What gives? —Brenda
Ausiello: Oh, I know exactly what’s going to happen on Season 4 of Glee, but if I told you, I’d have to send you to the cornfield along with Rory and Karofsky and Lauren Zizes. So to answer your second question, fret not: This week’s Glee finds Joe taking some solid steps toward establishing a closer friendship with a New Directions bro. Namely, Sam. And namely, via an awkward-funny talk about Biblical knowledge of the ladies.

Question: Do you know anything about what’s going to happen with Dave Karofsky on Glee? —Vinsh
Ausiello: There’s a teensy chance he’ll be back for the finale, but don’t hold your breath. “The soonest that I would come [back] would be in the finale, and that’s up in the air,” the recovering bully’s portrayer, Max Adler, told us at Saturday’s GLAAD Media Awards. “We’ll see. I always hope that I am. It’s up to the writers and [series co-creator Ryan Murphy].” Personally, Adler — who recently shot a guest spot in Shawn Ryan’s ABC drama pilot Last Resort — would love to see Karofsky’s storyline come full circle. “For him to ultimately accept who he is and be OK with who he is, it would be an amazing thing for the fans to see,” he said, “and for people who are struggling and identify with Karofsky to see.” If and when the character does return, Adler would love to see him find love — under one condition. “If Ryan Gosling’s playing him,” he cracked. “I’m all about it!”

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