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Tuesday, April 10, 2012



CHORD OVERSTREET has acted and sung his way into the hearts of millions of Glee fans. But there’s more to come – the multitalented star has high aspirations and a thing or two up his sleeve, as VIVIENNE TANG finds out

CHORD OVERSTREET BURST onto the scene with his role as high-school transfer student and football star Sam Evans (aka Trouty Mouth) on the hit TV series Glee. The Justin Bieber-haired, frequently abs-revealing role is a perfect fit for the 23-year-old Nashville native, whose family has impressive musical and artistic credentials. Born to make-up artist Julie Miller and country singer-songwriter Paul Overstreet, he bears a name that clearly indicates parental encouragement in music from an early age. His elder brother Nash plays in the band Hot Chelle Rae, and his four sisters, engagingly named Summer, Harmony, Skye and Charity, all play instruments. At one point there were rumours that Overstreet would opt out of Glee’s third season to focus on his music career, but he returned to the TV series as a recurring character late last year.

You first turned down the recurring role in Glee. Why did you change your mind?
It was just one of those things after the tour. We did the tour and I was going to make some plans to work on some music, try to get some stuff done there and then possibly come back later on. There was never anything set in stone. I was just going to take out some time to do some music, take a little break for a while.

What are you currently working on? I think you still have a few episodes left on Glee?
We’ve shot five, and I’m on my sixth episode right now. I’m just trying to work on that at the moment. I’m also working on my music and just having a blast right now.

Are you coming out with an album this year?
Yeah, that’s what I’m currently working on right now. It may take a while to do my album. I may do a few singles first. Hopefully, we can get it out there by summer, in an ideal world, you know…

What about plans for your acting career?
I have a lot on my plate this and next year. I’m trying to get as much work as I can possibly get done in whatever time I have to do it [laughs]. And I would like to get a movie under my belt this summer.

So no more TV series?
No, not necessarily. Right now I’m open to whatever. I’m just taking it one day at a time right now [laughs].

What would be your dream role? What are you dying to do?
If I could pick any movie…I really love the movie Legends of the Fall. That’s one of my favourite movies, and of course Back to the Future. That’s a fun movie to watch.

What do you like most about acting and singing?
The challenges I encounter…and it’s just something that I’ve always loved doing. With acting it constantly challenges me on a daily basis, and I want to push myself to get better and better. That’s one of the great things about music and acting. You can constantly get better and better, and you can constantly create. That’s what I love about it.

How do you get better at it? Do you watch yourself on TV? Do you actually revisit all your episodes?
I try to not watch as much of my stuff as I can, because I’m always like, “Oh, this shouldn’t be…” I’ve probably learnt more from working with other actors and watching them, and then kind of watching myself a little bit, because then I can kind of see what not to do any more [laughs].

Are there any actors or musicians that inspire you or that you look up to?
Yeah, I definitely look up to… I love John Mayer; James Taylor; Crosby, Stills and Nash; Simon and Garfunkel; Kenny Loggins. I like a lot of that kind of music. I’m a big fan of actors like Brad Pitt. I love Tom Hardy. There are so many great actors. Christian Bale. There are so many actors who have great careers that I can model mine after.

You’ve been called the next Brad Pitt. Does that flatter or bother you?
I don’t think there is another Brad Pitt to be honest. There’s only one, and I definitely would want to try to live up to that. But I hope I have some of the success he’s had, because he’s had one of the most amazing careers.

You also come from a very artistic family. Does that help in terms of making career choices, or does that put more pressure on you because you have to meet certain expectations?
My family is a big influence on me, they’ve always been great supporters of what I do. If anything, they relieve some of the pressure. So it’s great to have them behind me.

You also play various instruments. Do you want to expand in that field?
I play drums, bass, guitar, a little bit of piano. That’s mainly it. I always like to learn more things. There are some instruments that I just don’t get.

You were in one of Hot Chelle Rae’s videos. Could you see yourself working with your brother again? Are you planning any collaborations?
Yeah, I just kind of saw if I could help out in any way. That was just for fun. Perhaps a few years down the road. Who knows? But it would be fun. I love hanging out and jamming. Those guys are so busy. If we can just find time to get together, then sure.

Fame hit you very suddenly. How did you adjust to it?
It’s definitely a change, just the opportunities that you’re presented with. I don’t know, I haven’t really thought about that.

What do you dislike about your job?
I’m obviously fortunate to do this and to have this be my job and to be able to sing and act. There’s nothing greater in life.

What’s on your iPod?
I like The Doors, The Rolling Stones. The Beatles, obviously. A little bit of Justin Timberlake every now and then. I pretty much like anything as long as it’s good.
Dead, bye. x

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