Dianna Interview with Ryan Seacrest: Talks Tim Tebow, Lindsay Lohan, & Next Season of Glee

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

On Lindsay Lohan’s Upcoming Guest Appearance on “Glee”:
“Yes, she is. She will be in the 21st episode, so second to last,” Dianna tells us. We haven’t started that episode yet, we’re on the 20th episode right now and we just started. So, she’ll be here in a week or so.”

On The Rumor That Tim Tebow Wants To Date Her:
Rumors have been swirling that football superstar wants to date the “Glee” star. So, using football terms Ryan tried to ask her if he had a chance. “All these football terms, I don’t understand them, because I don’t understand football,” Dianna said, her favorite sport is basketball. Then Ellen K. rephrased the question using basketball terms, to which Dianna replied: “Gotcha, gotcha. I’m really focused on work right now.”

On The Car Crash Cliffhanger:
We found out on last night’s episode that Dianna’s character, Quinn, survived the accident, but Dianna’s mom was pretty upset after seeing the scene. “It looks so real and she wasn’t there while we were filming, so she gets to see the final edit and it’s like the scariest movie she could ever watch, her daughter dying or looking like she’s near death. So, my mom called me and she goes: ‘I love you so much, I just want to hear your voice.’ It’s nice when your parents care.”

On The 4th Season of “Glee”:
“None of us really officially know anything. I’m assuming that we will know more within this next month. Because we are done shooting in a month. So, it will be really interesting to see what new shape the show takes, because it has to change, a lot of us are graduating. They have some sort of a plan, but it really got inked I think in the last week or so and then we’ll know more.”

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  1. No hablo tu idioma. si puedes traducir esto, sabras, que en mi pais, a mi familia y a mi nos muestras otra forma de vivir y de ser unicos en cualquier lugar del mundo... muchas gracias Dianna