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Friday, April 06, 2012

WARNING: This article contains information regarding unaired/recently released episode(s) and/or project(s). It may contain SPOILERS.
Can you post the song list and order for Big Brother please? :)
- I’m Still Standing
- Hungry Like the Wolf / Rio
- Fighter
- Up Up Up
- Somebody That I Used To Know

Are Finn and Rachel still angsty at the end of the episode?
Very much. 

Are you able to say who's singing on I'm Still Standing and Fighter?


So artie is not in I'm Still Standing?
He’s in up. 

Any Quinn/Rachel interaction about the accident?

Does Up take place in the choir room?
No. It’s a montage of everyone at the park but mostly Quinn/Artie.

Any good Klaine scenes?

Is there a lot of Klaine interaction?
Blaine interacts a lot with his brother, second is with Kurt.

Are there any scenes with them at the park or is it just montage?
Just montage, only scene is between Quinn/Artie.

Who is singing Fighter?
As you can see in this promo, it’s Blaine.

Do we get any other Little Cooper/Blaine scenes apart from the tiny snippet in Someone I Used To Know?? :)

Do Kurt and Blaine have a one-on-one conversation about Cooper?

Would you consider this a blaine-centric episode or a quinn-centric one?

Will Rachel and Quinn have a private discussion/moment?
Not really private, but Rachel is really worried and feels really guilty about what happened and do some good crying.

How many Klaine scenes are there in the episode?
Just one, but they interact along the episode.

Do they make rachel look at fault in the angsty scene or finn? or is it neither.
Rachel was definitely confused by Finn’s accusation, and so was I.

How many Quartie scenes?

So, Finn accuses Rachel of causing Quinn's crash?
No, it’s another thing.

Any Joe (Samuel Larson) scenes this episode?

Any puck scenes?


Is Brittany gonna speak in this episode or...

Do we find anything out about Blaine's past in this episode?

Does Quinn have scenes with anyone besides Rachel and Artie?
Yes. Its going to be Finn or Blaine.

Can you tell us anything about the Finn and Rachel angst because I'm very confused?
“I’m thinking about my future.” “I thought it was our future.”

I'm not sure if you're still taking episode questions, but I would be really grateful to know if there's much more Blaine/Cooper interaction after Somebody That I Used to Know finishes?
Yes, they have a good talk.

But can we expect some happy Finchel, too? Not just angst?

In since you just gave us Finchel quotes, can you please give us a Blaine quote, no matter how insignificant that quote may be?
“That’s why I never really talk about my brother.”


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