Spoiler Chat! Quartie & Samcedes, is there any hope for them?

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Rosie: Hi! Please tell me that you have some news on Puck and Quinn! These two are connected for life and need to be together NOW! Do they have any moments coming up?
Thanks! Sorry to burst your Quick bubble, but there’s more stuff ahead for Artie and Quinn. Still, we wouldn’t be surprised if Quinn and Puck had at least one more meaningful interaction before graduation. But don’t hold your breath for a romantic reunion.

Tracy: Will we get to see Blaine’s brother again i hope so and is there hope for Sam and Mercedes??
You think the Glee writers left the door open for Cooper to return on accident? No way! They know full well that Matt Bomer was going to rock that guest role, so they wanted to make sure his “exit” was written so a return could happen. And Bomer is so down to come back, telling us he’d “be there in a heartbeat!” Oh, and there is definitely hope for Sam and Mercedes. Just sit tight.

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