Spoiler Chat! Who's gonna run against Quinn for Prom Queen?

Friday, April 06, 2012

Sasha: We know you've seen the next Glee episode, so can you tell us your favorite part?
You mean besides the two-punch of Matt Bomer being amazing and another Darren Criss boxing scene? Probably the dynamic developing between two New Direction members that barely interacted before "Big Brother." Also, there's a surprising Sue Sylvester twist, and some of the season's funniest lines, courtesy of Sue and Bomer's character Cooper. Oh, and you Finchel luhhvers definitely will want to tune in. Can't say any more about that, but it's another episode-ending scene. Might be good or bad. 

Hollie: Anything on Glee?
We are getting another prom episode, but wanna know the best part? Imagine a prom that Brittany S. Pierce helped plan and put together. It's a wonderful vision, isn't it? Thankfully, we'll see that come to life when Glee does prom this season. Lord Tubbington for prom king!

Cameron: I heard Quinn is running for prom queen again. Do you know anything about it?
We can tell you that Quinn has every intention of running for prom queen this season, and we can also tell you that one of these three girls will be running against her: Santana, Brittany and Rachel. Any guesses?

CONFIRMED: Santana is running against Quinn.

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